Would Koala Bear poop be an effective throat lozenge?!

Question: Being as how they eat eucalyptus leaves, exclusivly

Answers: Being as how they eat eucalyptus leaves, exclusivly

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, & THANK YOU! I have been so sad lately, my father died in july and this will be a rough Christmas this year.I don't know if you were serious about your question or not, but that was funny I almost fell off my chair. It's nice to laugh instead of crying all the time and you have absolutely made my day!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it and get back to us.

Are you totally enthralled by bodily functions?? You need serious help.

Depends upon how much of the "poison" is left in the poop after the Koala extracts the nutrients it needs from the leaves.

I have not found any references to any medicinal uses for Koala Bear poop, maybe you could find one?

yes,for klingons and liberals........

You may want to have someone around to do the Heimlich maneuver in case it gets stuck. Let us know how it turns out.

I would first recommend taking some 'smart pills.' At that point, I think the answer to your question would reveal itself to you.

Good luck.

effective? Yes.... Pleasant? I doubt it.

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