Uterine Fibroids? Any luck shrinking them?!

Question: I was researching nutrition and herbal supplements. I was wondering if anyone has had results.

Answers: I was researching nutrition and herbal supplements. I was wondering if anyone has had results.

I take a product called DIM(Diindolymethane) it helps to metabolize hormones and helps to produce good estrogen. There are several things that balance hormones calcium d-glucarate, which takes the used or excess estrogen from your body. I also take "cinnamon and Poria" it is good for fibroids and ovarian cysts. There is a product that eats up fibrin, which is what fibroids are made of "Vitalzym" it contains enzymes serrapeptase and protease among other enzymes and ingredients to rid your body of the fibroid. There are several others that contain serrapeptase and nattokinase, that are used for eating the fibrin in your body "Neprinol" and "Fibrovan." I would go to energeticnutrition website and read about fibroids or go to Dr. William Wongs website www.totalityofbeing.com he talks about fibroids and treats them. There is also a product called UOClear that I forget what website but just type it into google and I am sure that you will find it. The Dim is helping me with the excess estrogen that my body produces that contributes to estrogen growth. The vitalzym i have not taken yet, but will soon. Also stay away from soy or soy based products, meat that is not organic especially red meat, caffeine(if you need energy take some "maca" everyday) thats if you drink it, eat plenty of fiber(this helps your body to get rid of the excess estrogen) if you don't it will just go back into your body causing further problems, lots of fruits and vegetables.
Vitex is also good talk to an herbalist about the amounts that you should take.

I was under the impression that sometimes they come off themselves--but maybe I'm thinking of an ovarian cyst. Go to the Chinese Herbal store and talk to the pharmacist there. I bet he can give you something. I would think a morning after pill might work.

Forgive me, I'm rambling on, very tired, take my advice with a grain of salt.

Lingzhi is proven in shrinking uterine fibroids. If you want to know more about this Email me , nouglyman@yahoo.com.sg

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