How much of a garlic tablet (1000mg) cana two year old take?!

Question: How much of a garlic tablet (1000mg) cana two year old take!?
My son is allergic to fleas and they seem to love to bite him he is at my mother in laws right now and got the tablets and needed to know if it was safe and how much he could get!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Ok, a few things people: 1) Garlic is a food, technically NOT a supplement, so don't get yer panties all in a wad here, folks; 2) I REALLY have a problem with the notion that intelligent parents have no right to make medical choices for their children, especially as it regards (alternative) healthcare (or any other kind of healthcare, for that matter)!. The same pediatricians that would prescribe an antibiotic for my two year old that would completely kill all the beneficial bacteria in his gut (and potentially cause massive disbiosis, and massive yeast overgrowth) would have a problem with me giving that same child garlic, which will only enhance the functioning of his immune system!?!?!?!? Makes ZERO sense!. Sorry, but in my world, I am the person who chooses what is done to my body or my children's bodies, and when!. The notion that allopathic medicine is the only route or that it is always the best route defies belief!. It's a matter of taking responsibility for yourself, and studying, which most people in this country are just too goddamn lazy, stupid and irresponsible to do!. Yes, there is a time and a place for allopathic medicine!. For something as simple as flea bites, it makes FAR more sense to me that you would try a non-toxic naturopathic method first!. Go ahead and do the garlic and brewer's yeast route!. Brewer's yeast will turn your child's pee bright yellow!. Don't let that freak you out!. Try also spreading diatomaceous earth all around the house to get rid of the fleas!. It dries them out (dessicates them) and ultimately kills them!. There is also a plug in flea trap that is non-toxic and can probably be found in a pet supply store!. If none of this works, insist that your mom-in-law flea bomb the house, as flea bites can easily become infected!. Fleas carry many diseases, and so I recommend Grandma look at this solution rather quickly!. Regarding the "How much garlic is too much garlic!?" question: It's pretty much impossible to overdose on garlic, for anyone!. Worse case scenario is he'll get either lots of gas (farts and burping) or possibly some loose stools or abdominal cramping!. In any case you should start slowly, and better with raw, chopped garlic!. Start w/ a single clove and work up from there!. Hummus is a good way to get it into him or bruschetta or pizza/red sauce (marinara)!. You can also try spreading roasted garlic on bread for him!. This is delicious, mellow and flavourful and my kids love it!. i put tons of garlic in soups and gravies, and even sprinkle grilled cheese/egg/tomato/pesto sandwiches (and many other kinds of sandwiches and salads) with it, too!. Tastes great!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Seriously, see a doctor before you give anyone that young a supplement!. How on earth do you know a garlic tablet will even help him!?

Finally, please beware medical advice you get from the internet!. A computer is not a substitute for a good physician!. Especially with your child!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Give him garlic pearls!.They are tiny and my grandson who is 2 takes them!. Doctors don't believe in supplements but they will not hurt a child!. My 4 grandchildren have been on supplements and never get sick, I would say my daughter-in-law is doing something right!.I have taken them for years!.The kids receive them consistently and are in great health!.1000 may be to strong at first!.I would start out with a lower mg!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You should not be giving supplements to a 2 yr old!

Talk to your pediatrician before given any drug, natural or not to any child under the age of 16 years old!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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