Can accupuncture help with hearing or eyesight problems?!

Question: Can accupuncture help with hearing or eyesight problems!?
From a western Scientific perspective it has been observed that nerve endings are stimulated by needles; biochemical changes occur so that endorphins are stimulated and these act as pain relievers and now more recently, CAT scans or brain imaging machines are observing that if a needle is placed into a specific point for a specific object, such as to improve eye sight or problems with the eye, then the brain is stimulated in the corresponding area to do with vision!.

This is recent research which was published last year and has resulted from collaborative work between Chinese and Californian scientists!. We hope that more research using this incredible scientific instrument will allow us to understand what occurs in the brain when a needle is placed into the body for a specific purpose!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


Some of the meridians (Central and Governing Vessels) are directly linked with respectively Eyesight and Hearing!. The liver, and therefore the Liver meridian, also play a major part in eyesight!.

Acupuncture will therefore help for such problems unless the damage is permanent and already irrepairable!.

You can call an acupuncturist to have this confirmed before you decide to have treatment!.

All the best to you! Have a very nice day!Www@Answer-Health@Com

ive heard that it can help withe eyesight problems although i am not to sure how effective it works but dont know whether it can help with hearong though

hope this helps:)Www@Answer-Health@Com

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