What is a natural appetite suppressant? Anyone know?? Hmmmm???!

Question: What is a natural appetite suppressant!? Anyone know!?!? Hmmmm!?!?!?
Hi Shopgirl!
I've been researching this to death myself!
I've been watching all the PBS special on diet and exercise, doing the REAL AGE tests on line, subscribing to all sorts of health emails!.!.!.!.and finally I think I've sorted out the best answers!.
These are answers from an accumulation of what I feel are credible sources such as Dr!. Roizen's series of books and lectures on "YOU; the owners manual" and "YOU: On A Diet" etc!.!.!.!.and also The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret by Brenda Watson, who also does a series of lectures on PBS and other places!. She's NOT trying to SELL anything and neither is Dr!. Roizen, however, if you don't get PBS or prefer to read HER book, here is the info!. for you:
If you can get PBS and check for any of their lectures on there, I really think you'll find them true eye openers!.
So, here is what I've found to work for me and I tend to be one of those late night eaters, in her mid 40's and really struggling with weight EVEN THOUGH I go to the gym and work my BUTT OFF and do yoga nearly 7 days a week, meditate, etc!.!.!.
Here is what's working from me:
1!. I ALWAYS take a fish oil tab as soon as I wake up!. It's supposed to help with weight and appetite (as well as the countless other benefits tot he brain, etc)
2!. I ALWAYS drink a large glass of lemon water first thing in the morning!. It's supposed to help with appetite and it's cleansing!.
3!. FIBER< FIBER< FIBER!!!! With A lot of water of course!.
4!. eating EVEY 4 hours no matter what!. AND don't wait until you're hungry to eat!! AUTOMATE your eating schedule!.
5!. walking! 30 minutes a day without fail!.!.!.WITHOUT FAIL! lol!.!.
6!. hot herbal (green preferably) teas and coffee is now believed to be very helpful AND good for you!.!.!.(you know how it changes every 6 months! But this is the latest study!. Of course not TONS of it!.
Every time you feel that overwhelming desire to eat, eat, eat when you know you don't need to, try drinking water!. If you can't stand drinking a lot of water, I personally mix it up a bit and get club soda and always keep a bunch of fresh limes (or lemon if you prefer) and I squeeze that lime right into the can and keep it with the can and squeeze even more, to my personal taste, for flavor, every time I drink!.
Club soda ~can~ be a bit pricey so I found Shasta club soda at the dollar store!. One six pack for a buck!. Can't beat that!
7!. Finally, and this is just for me personally but!.!.!.they say everyone should do it! Meditate!.
Meditation can be a few seconds to as long as you want it!. I invested in some great meditation CD's such as Dr Jeffrey Thompson's "BRAINWAVE JOURNEY" and a good pair of ear BUDS, and I pop those babies in when I'm stressed or feeling overwhelmed by any number of things, including the desire to eat emotionally!.
Here is the website for his information:
I hope this helps! It's been helping me a lot!

Eat a handful of RAW, UNSALTED nuts before you eat a meal and wait at least 15 minutes before eating anything else!. Eat a different kind every other day so as not to get your body used to it!.

Yes it is high in fat and fiber, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the weight you will lose simply by doing this!.

Try: Almonds, cashews, pistacchios, pine and brazil nuts

NO peanuts or macadamia nuts !!!

REMEMBER: They must be RAW and UNSALTED in order to work!. Otherwise you will gain weight!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

I have found that green tea (the most natural kind in cans not the commercial stuff, or make it yourself) is a GREAT appetite suppressant!. I use it after lunch so that I don't snack in the afternoon!. It's good for you as well!. I wouldn't drink more than about 20 oz!. a day, though!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I find food to be the most effective appetite suppressant, and it is completely natural!. Anyone know of a better one!?

Why, yes, I do work for NASA!. Don't worry, James Hansen and I have it all worked out!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

dont get it from wal-mart or anywhere like that though!. go to a natural foods store or organic market and find a hoodia suppliment!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes Hoodia Gordini is a natural one!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Losing weight will make you less hungry!. It's a nasty cycle, but if you can break it you will be better off!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Exercise and being involved in a lot of "extra activities" I enjoy doing!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


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