Monavie or acai berry juice?!

Question: Monavie or acai berry juice!?
which is a better deal!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

A bunch of people in my family drank Monavie, and they said they noticed a really obvious difference in their health and whatnot!.!.!.Acai berry is good, but according to almost half my family members, Monavie is the way to goWww@Answer-Health@Com

MonaVie IS Acai!. The only real difference is just some of the "other fruits" for flavoring and likely more than twice the price as the others (you seldom taste a lot of the Acai itself)!. That being said, Acai in general is very beneficial for overall health, and we have hundreds of customers that buy various Acai products!.
Most Multi-Level Marketing companies jack the price way up to pay for all the people that were hired above the person that sells it to you, not to mention all their advertising!. It's best to do the research before buying anything that expensive!.

Isotonix? A?ai is an isotonic-capable dietary supplement, made from a combination of a?ai berries, guarana, yerba mat

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