Snoring....need a cure!?!

Question: Snoring!.!.!.!.need a cure!!?
I have enlarged sinuses, and I have been snoring very loudly these days/nights, breathing through the mouth does not help!.!.!.can you!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

I'm not sure if my partner has enlarged sinuses but she did snore bad and when talking you could detect a nasal sound
About 6 months ago she started wearing a Stop Snore Ring which cured both her snoring and cleared her sinuses
Apparently it works by opening up the breathing passages of both the nose and the throat
It's an acupressure ring worn on the finger when asleep and there are hundreds of testimonials on their websiteWww@Answer-Health@Com

My daughter used to snore so ferociously until the first time I heard it when she was only about two years old, I thought a monster had gotten into her bedroom!. I rushed in there to see her little angelic mouth emitting these horrific noises!.

I didn't know about adenoids then, but later found out you must get them removed in order to stop that snoring problem!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Sometimes there is nothing else to do, than to remove the tonsils!. My niece was snoring, that the walls were shaking, a half day at the doctors office, and she could sleep again!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

sleep on your side, not your back!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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