What kinds of drugs are used in euthanasia?!

Question: What kinds of drugs are used in euthanasia!?
I am doing a case study in science on euthanasia and whether it should be legalized, and need to know all of the science involved with it!. Does anyone know what kind of drugs are used and any other science involved with euthanasia!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

I can't say with certainty what drugs are used in "euthenasia" as it is illegal in my state!. I can tell you that it is legal for a person's power of attourney for health care to withhold support if it is what the patient stated in his or her wishes!. Usually in a hospital if a person has decided to forgo any further treatment (and they have a terminal illness or situation), or the family decides for that person!.!.!.!.the doctor orders morphine as often as needed for comfort, and sometimes ativan as well!. Morphine can supress the respiratory drive, and is also a powerful pain killer!. It keeps a person from feeling "air hunger" when they aren't breathing adequately!. Large enough doses of morphine can ease/hasten a person's passing!. It's considered ethical to give liberal doses of morphine to a person who is suffering- which can hasten their passing!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

There is no real science as such in euthanasia!.

BUT I do know the name of the drugs most commonly used!. But not sure if I should say on here!.

Me!. I'm for euthanasia when someone has NO chance EVER of surviving their terminal illness!.
To Nurse someone who is begging you, and you can't, to help them die!. Is heart breaking!.
They are in so much pain!. Distressed!. Anxious etc!. It's just horrible!. Especially when you KNOW if a week, a few days to a few months, after all their suffering, they will be gone!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

The ideals of bodily incorruptibility and immortality have been envisaged in many cultures and religions: Christianity, for instance, holds that, had man not sinned and been expelled from Paradise, there would have been no disease and death!. In truth, mortality has been the great, omnipresent mystery

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