What is an over the counter medicine that can be used to treat a herpes outbreak!

Question: What is an over the counter medicine that can be used to treat a herpes outbreak?

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I spent lots of time and research looking this up myself. There aren't may options. There this stuff called Herpecin and H-Balm and other related stuff I have never tried myself. If its a cold sore on your mouth Abreva worked pretty well for me. If its genital - what worked for me is 2 1,000mg lysine in the morning and 2 at night. Epsom salt and tea tree oil bath for 15-30 mins every other day. Using corn starch on a cotton ball throughout the day to keep it dry. Crushing up tylenol pm (u can put it in a baggie and use a hammer) mixing it with a TINY bit of hot water and cold sore medication (most people recommend Abreva but i've used L-Lysine+ cream its like 7 bucks instead and it worked fine for me) - put it on over the infected area right before you go to bed (i used a blow dryer to help dry it 1st). Sounds crazy i know but it worked for me.

My experience and http://www.myhomeremedies.com/topic.cgi?topicid=237 and http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/natural-medicine/home-remedies/home-remedies-for-genital-herpes.htm

If it's oral herpes (a cold sore), toothpaste is a good treatment for external applications (which will take a while to see the results). However, if it's genital herpes, you could take L-Lysine (an Amino Acid) to help fight it internally (which also helps with cold sores as well). L-Lysine can help to get rid of it sooner, plus you can take it safely after you can't see the sore anymore to make sure it's gone.
Also, if you get herpes on a regular basis, taking L-Lysine can actually help prevent it from coming up again. Oh, and stress tends to aggravate herpes, so reducing stress may help as well.
One thing to note is that you can still transmit herpes even if you don't have the symptoms showing so make sure to avoid any actions that could transmit it. ;-) Good luck and I hope I helped!

[edit]: Thanks for copying my answer, "Dr. Larry". ;-)

Personal experience of friends and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company

L Lysine 500mg 2 capusules 3 times daily. You also need PABA to make the lysine more active
500 mg 3 times daily. You can purchase Lysine cream at your local health food store to apply directly on the lesions

OTC stuff won't touch it; you need prescription antivirals such as acyclovir.

Talk to your doctor; he'll write you a prescription.

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