Can someone take diazepam after lorazepam?!

Question: Can someone take diazepam after lorazepam?
Due to short term insomnia, my doc prescribed lorazepam which doesnt seem to work week but i had previously took diazepam which i had gotten effects from.

After a week of no significant improvement I would like to reconsider the diazepam but am wondering if the lorazepam may first have to take time to leave my system.

Would it be safe to take them the day after? Thanks


If I were you, I would call a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to be certain. They have all that information at their finger tips. You don't even have to tell them your name if you don't want to.

you will be perfectly fine, you dont seem that you are abusing them, so you didnt take a high dose of the taking the valium the day after wouldnt hurt you at all, they are in the same drug class anyhow. But good your checking..always be safe.

Please be careful with lorazepan, it did not work for you perhaps you should
talk to the Pharmacist if you can not see the doctor ( or call your Dr with the
question, he should answer you over the phone.)

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