natural ways to get rid of a cold?!

Question: Natural ways to get rid of a cold?
I have a really horrible cold and I've been off school with it for days now. I really hate using mint spray etc because they make my eyes water which makes it worse haha. Do you have any suggestions to speed up recovery? Like things that I can do, that I don't have to go out and buy? Thankyou :)


If you're really stuffed up and coughing a lot, breathe some steam - a warm shower or a soak in the tub is ideal. Drink plenty of fluids. Some light exercise is fine but don't push or overexert yourself, and get plenty of sleep. There are no tricks, it just takes time and all you can do is relieve the symptoms. Standing on your head, spinning around in circles, or taping a penny to your forehead will not magically make the cold go away any faster.

If you have a really bad cold, just go out and buy Cold-Eeze. They are like cough drops, but sweeter. If you take them daily it helps get rid of the cold quicker than usual. Only one daily. If you get a lot of sleep and eat the proper foods that helps, too. Soup is also something else that helps. If you ever feel or notice the symptoms of another cold, just take a Cold-Eeze and it will prevent the cold/infection from getting any worse than it is at the time.

This works for me: (although you may not like it but it works quickly)

Before going to bed, rub the flat of your feet with warm ( warm, not hot)
olive oil, and after, just rub a garlic opened in half. Put your socks
and go to bed. It works.

Hot soup and hot drinks certainly help to make you feel a bit better but as yet there is still no cure for the common cold. See the link below.…

drinking lots of water is super good. it allows drainage to dissolve.
try vick's vapor.
cough medicine? cold medicine?
salt water.

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