Would weed help with migraine pain?!

Question: Would weed help with migraine pain?
legal or not, it doesn't matter to me.

anyway, i have migraines to the point where it's mind altering. i remember multiple times where i didn't know where i was during the duration of the migraine and a couple times where i completely forgot i even had a migraine until someone i know would ask me if the migraine was better. i hate meds, manufactured ones anyway. and weed seems like an all natural fix.


yea but not all cannabis is good for pain. for pain the type of cannabis called indica or something like that, gives pain relief meant. but its hard cause you cant tell the difference between indica and sativa. HAHAHA im kind ov a expert on this but maybe sativa might work for you Its just really hard to explain

In my experience, it's a 50/50 shot, there's no way to predict if it'll help or not. However, shrooms work every time.

yes it will relieve stress and take your mind of it making it feel better

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