how long does thc stay in your system?!

Question: How long does thc stay in your system?
i have a drug test march 19th and i smoked about 2 hits last night, and the night before that i did two bowl packs. i am 5' 11'' 185 lbs. should i be able to test negative by then if i dont smoke anymore? or what could i do to make sure it does test negative? p.s. its a 12 panel urine test.


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To the moron who posted it can stay in your system 9 months. I got tested less than a week after smoking 19 blunts at a party and popping tabs AND bars and came up clean LESS THAN A WEEK after doing them. And this was a probation officer test that tests for over 32 different drugs in your system. Use your stupid *** science on that

Anyways, it all depends on weight and at 5'11 185 pounds i think youll be totally fine as long as you dont smoke anytime soon. weed can stay in the system anywhere from 3 days to a month max. THC is fat solluble so the bigger you are and the slower the metabolism the longer it takes. Im a skinny 6'5" 180 pound guy and like i said up above lost it all within a week. Hell i got tested WHILE ON BARS and came up clean.. I was on them as i pissed in the cup! Drink some cranberry juice it flushes out the system pretty well, lots of water, youll be totally fine by march 19th, especially with how little you smoked. a couple of bowls and a few weeks compared to 19 (ill admit they were half blunts we shared ya know but it was still a lot. I still hit 19 of them) blunts in less than a week? youll be perfectly fine

Try pills next time, most stay in at a week max or regularly 2 or 3 days

you are screwed

THC is detected using HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and MS (mass spectrometry). These instruments can detect traces of THC to the parts per trillion! Assuming you are 6 feet tall, 200 lbs, and have a very fast metabolism, it would take AT least 9 months to flush out the amounts of THC ingested from 2 hits and pass a 12 panel urine test. Remember, that is giving you all the benefits (extra weight, a fast metabolism, etc). I would say you would need to be clean for 12-18 months (or ~15 months) to pass a urine panel. Add another 30% to the time if they do a hair sample.

You should have thought about your test before you took the hits. Sorry, but you will fail. There is no way to magically flush it out of your system. There is no pill you can get at the diet store and drinking excessive water will not help. The binding of THC to the cell line is irreversible. There is no magic enzyme you can digest to break that bond. The only way to flush out THC is by natural metabolism.

You should be fine if you do not smoke over the next month.…

Go to a local head shop and ask for a detox system they will know what you should take they have customers feedback

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