hypnosis cds to a better life?!

Question: Hypnosis cds to a better life?
I saw so many hypnosis cds on ebay and online that said they will help control stress, lose weight, or grow taller.....does these even work????


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Yes! And no. I've had many positive results with hypnosis CDs however some do not work. If you have deep seated blocks against the thing you wish to accomplish you need to overcome those first because your subconscious will reject the suggestions. Ex: I got great results with effortless weight loss (hypnosis CDs) but nothing at all with money CDs bc of my blocks. You also need a CD with a good beta to theta beat/sound wave. I prefer Dick Sutphen's & I also custom make my own.

They do work for most people. Your best bet is to have custom tracts done. The ones in the mass market are very general and will get general results, but if you want to use hypnosis for something very specific to your situation you should have a session with someone in person but even better have a custom tract made for you so you can take it and listen to it anywhere.

I create custom tracts for people after I have a consultation with them and I make sure that hypnosis is the best tool to use for whatever the issue is. You can check out mywebsite and just message me when you are interested. http://www.findyourfeminine.com

Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

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