Idea on herbal remedies for blood loss, anemia?!

Question: Idea on herbal remedies for blood loss, anemia?
Hi my mum has a medical issue where she has not got enough blood in her body, she can not have a transplant as her body rejects the new blood, does anyone have any knowledge on what else other than iron tablets she can have


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Iron is VERY important. If she can't take the tablets, maybe she should try a diet that is very rich in iron.

your question makes no sense. She "does not have enough blood" ? Is she losing blood and can it be located and stopped? Second, there is no transplant of blood, I figure you mean transfusion. And if she gets her correct blood type transfusion, you are saying that it will be rejected? Are you or any family member the same blood type as her? Maybe your donation or other family member would work? If you are meaning that maybe she is anemic and not blood deficient then she can eat iron rich foods or if very anemic maybe she can get something like a blood product called epoitin, but it costs hundreds or thousands of dollars for a nice dose. This product generally is for people whose kidneys are "sick" and have trouble producing kidney red blood cells.

Add spinach into her diet.Like i do my breakfast with spinach om elate.because i have this anemia too.
One glass of pure fresh apple juice daily.
Boiled or steamed chicken with broth.
Meat was also helpful for me even though i did not like it.
Spinach om-elate is simple ,

1:spinach- 30 to 40 gm
2:one whole egg (add another egg white for increase portion size)

Mothers are most blessful assets for mankind on earth. I love my mom.God bless your mom too.

Take vitamin C with the iron - it helps it absorb better.
Iron supplements need a number of vitamin and mineral co-factors - so taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement daily as well might be a good idea.

Try eating foods that contain iron.…

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