What is Tapping therapy?!

Question: What is Tapping therapy?
Can someone explain to me what this is?


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It's also known as EFT. Here's a site that explains it: http://www.eft-therapy.com/

My understanding is that it works similarly to meditation. Tapping certain areas of the body in a certain way can ease pain, for example. I tried it for my fibromyalgia, but found little success.

EFT is one of the tapping therapies that 'exist'.

It's crucial however to find the cause at a deep enough level.

Therefore it's best to find a good therapist.
A good therapist UNDERSTANDS your problem very quickly,
and you will feel no resistance.

If you feel too much resistance,
find another therapist.

For some dis-eases, especially mental,
it could be dangerous.

Go slow.
And have fun with it.

It could work very quickly for some,
but most people will need patience,
especially diseases that needed patience to manifest,
like fibromyalgia, MS, ME, and other fatigue-dis-eases
where people often need more time to accept cause.

To the best of my knowledge it's not for physical pain. It's to release negative, destructive emotions such as anxiety for which it gave me instant relief when I've tried it.

eft is online lots of sites to go to see for some info.. theres alot happy searching!

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