How can I compress my sleep?!

Question: How can I compress my sleep?
Ok, if i only have like...5 hours to sleep but I want to feel like I got more like...7 or 8, how can I do that, is there any way to get a deeper sleep in less time.


try chamomile tea, anlayas water lavandar and mint, water its so good,
dream water 4 flavors sold at walgreens and airports now,
small bottles and they do work if you let them, side effects please read bottle before taking,
try hot tub if you own one.. close eyes and use soothing music with no lyrics
and listen on boom box, and be alone resting weekend afternoons... let go of all thoughts,
and clear mind spring days, sit on well garbage bag and on top blanket and medidtate
out doors alone for one hour or to.. listen to sounds outdoors.. and rest and feel at peace..
and well hot showers works and hot baths. and well lite excersise night times...

Since I started on low dose DHEA I sleep 5-6 hrs and feel like I slept 8. It's not for everybody so you should read about it.

Just get more sleep. It's better for you. Melatonin works well though.

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