How do you quantum jump?!

Question: How do you quantum jump?
I saw this website about using quantum jumping to do better in life but you have to pay for it. Does anyone now what quantum jumping is and how to do it?


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A quantum jump is a very short jump. It is so short, that it is impossible to tell if you have jumped forward, backward, to the same place or a little bit of all. You are right in refusing to pay for that.

ive climberd the mountain top, i promise you it will only happen on psychedelics. eventually time will stop and you will have a experience that mimicks a NDE near death experience, time can slow and then stop, in a eternal moment you can have infinite thought, think about that whats longer ,your whole life or a miniscule moment of eternitity, a eternal moment, thats the place where most people crack,if you reach this universal mind lattice with friend you can learn how we humans have extreme esp abiltitys to bad in the western world we are to stupid to realize we should have guides like shamans and indians have always known. We are idiots and we take the most powerfull psychedelicss to go to concerts and partys with 1000"s of other idiots, Find a safe place and 1 guide and lock the door

dont believe others become your own master


Unless it's a physics website, 'quantum' = scam.

You're aware you posted in Health >> Alternative Medicine and not Physics, right?

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