I have a question about weed?!

Question: I have a question about weed?
I'm a freshman in high school. I'll be taking pre-calc next year, and I was wondering how often I should smoke? I don't want it to effect my school work, and/or make me stupid. Is 1 or 2 times a month acceptable? Also, what are some good methods of keeping the smell off of my clothes? Thanks(:


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the reason people shouldn't smoke weed when they are in school is because it makes you tired, and that doesn't help you remember things when your tired, just smoke it later in the day or at night so u can sleep it off before you do anything important (just like booze) if you wash your hands to get the smell off make sure you wash your wrists too, clear eyes works great for redness, don't glob on Cologne cuzz it will just draw attention to your smell, put very little on. and don't sit in cars say out in the open and use only one hand to smoke with, enjoy n embrace weed but treat it like booze, just because you CAN do more things while on weed don't mean you should.

the obvious recommendation is to not smoke at all.

Make sure you do all homework assignments and really understand the material if you want to do well. Also try to not miss any math classes, as each lesson builds directly on each other!

I would say if you limit it to 1 time per month, you should be ok. As long as it doesn't effect your motivation. If your grades start to drop, stop smoking.

Use febreeze.

You're a freshman, expecting to take pre-calc next year and want to know how you can smoke weed without affecting your schoolwork.

Good luck with your endeavors. It's either take pre-calc as a sophomore, or smoke weed. You cannot do both.

It only take one time to make you stupid. Do you realize they can detect it in your system for up to a month? How about try just not doing it? Do something better with your life?

dont. just dont. if u want halucinations, cancer, and god knows what else, go ahead. have fun ruining ur life

smoke every day dude its so fun

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