alli....Diet pills..................?!

Question: Alli....Diet pills..................?
I was wondering if there was a pill similar to the pill Alli?? Does the dollar store diet pills work? Alli is soooooo expensive.


Alli Diet pills-Xenecal/Orliastat are other names for them-might work for you but they didn't for me,they cost me my Gallbladder,I had to have it removed when I took Alli as it had swollen to 3 times its normal size and was full of Gallstones-when I asked the hospital Consultant if the weight loss pill Xenecal/Orliastat could have caused the Gallbladder problems he told me 'Yes,well the fat has got to go somewhere'.I was shocked and after going to a number of solicitors not one of them would take on my case-but this is just my experience,I'm sorry if I have scared you but I'm just letting you know of at least one of the dangers,it is entirely up to you if you want to take them-This is the truth I never lie and I still have the operation scars.

Personal experience

Dollar store and diet pills are two phrases that really shouldn't mix. If you are considering them though stick with the brand names.

When you're buying the brand name ones you're buying peace of mind knowing exactly where they came from, what's in them and that there's probably customer care to get in contact with if something goes wrong. Diet pills are never a good idea, and Alli have been known to cause anal leakage.

no diet pill really works sad fact really


Diet pills don't work.

If you want to lose weight change your lifestyle.

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