When it comes to aromatherapy, can you use the plant instead of the oil?!

Question: When it comes to aromatherapy, can you use the plant instead of the oil?
A recent study showed jasmine to be effective at calming and relaxing mice when their plexiglass cage was filled with the scent. I don't know what form the researchers used. I'm wondering if a flowering jasmine plant would have the same effect as the essential oils? I'd prefer to use the plant... expensive either way but at least you get to enjoy the flowers as well.


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The oils are much more concentrated and that's why the oils are always used. The plants wouldn't be very effective, the aroma of the plant itself isn't strong enough to have a significant result. But it's lovely to have flowering plants, and enjoy their aroma, plants in themselves have a calming effect. But for a significant result, use the oil.

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Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from nature’s herbs and flowers. The aroma is inhaled, or applied to the skin, and each of the oils (or combination thereof) addresses a specific disorder. It appears that the body is able to utilize the healing properties of the oils through the olfactory system of the body, and so initiate the healing process. Aromatherapy practitioners would also have an understanding of the psychological and emotional factors of illness.

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