Is smoking salvia alone a big deal?!

Question: Is smoking salvia alone a big deal?
I have some and I really want to try it, but I'm by myself right now. I've never actually smoked salvia, so I'm pretty ignorant on the matter, but I do know that for psychedelic experiences you are suppose to have a 'sitter', but that's just not going to happen tonight. I figure the effects don't last very long, and I'll be sitting down anyways, but can a experienced user tell me if I should just do it or wait?


Try it as It's your first time trying salvia?
I would just wait til like tommorow. It's funnier, funner.

I did it alone once, out of a few times. if was alright but i would've wanted someone there.
I remember pushing myself back. Picturing everything pulling into me and moving walls. If someone was there I would've right away had the ease of knowing where i was was okay/ that i was safe.

For what it's worth... My friends 17 year old daughter did it and ended up in the psych ward of a hospital. She couldn't come out of it for 2 days. She was with friends if that makes any difference.
you're choice

first off, dont f*cking smoke salvia. thats just stupid. its horrible for you. just roll a blunt and you're solid. but if youre going to smoke salvia, do 20 or 30. do NOT do 100 the first time or by yourself.

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