is it safe to drink lemon juice mixed iwth baking soda for a uti?!

Question: Is it safe to drink lemon juice mixed iwth baking soda for a uti?
I was looking up some ome remedies for it until i can get to a doctor, and the grocery store dosnt have any cranberry juice thats not loaded with sugar. I read that baking soda can help, and also lemon juice. will mixing the 2 together be dangerous?

if you have any other suggestions that will be a big help (:


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It's quite safe for you to drink your mixture, however it will have no effect whatsoever on your UTI, even Cranberry juice only relieves SOME of the symptoms, there is only ONE WAY to kill the harmful and potentially fatal bacteria that cause UTIs and that's to use antibiotics, there are NO natural ways to cure UTIs.

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A.A. / Hi : Excess of every thing is bad but knowledge is not bad provided its use is positive. The Acid Radical when treated , it most often mutually react . here, fermentation / foam alike may be seen .but a very rare / tiny quantity of soda bi carbonate ( sweet soda ), on tip end alike and dissolved in a drought of water is so often used nearly in a glass of original fruit juice (Sitric acid containing ) .safe is if recommended by your doctor consultant and if as per body requirements. Note : Original lemon juce one tea spoon may be mixed in a cup of water to drink.if needed to avoid sugar.

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You need antibiotics to deal with a urinary tract infection. Cranberry *may* help prevent UTI, but will not treat it. Lemon juice and baking soda is great for kids experiments, cleaning the kitchen and maybe heartburn, but not UTIs.

It's safe, but it won't treat your UTI.

Dilute in glass of water. Better to take cran pills, or eat blueberry.

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