what are the benefits of early sleeping?!

Question: What are the benefits of early sleeping?
what are the benefits of early sleeping?


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I don't know who wrote the article, but their English and writing skills are terrible.

As long as you get about 8 hours of sleep (not less than 6 and not more than 10), there is no proven health benefit to going to sleep early that I have read.


A.A. / Hi : Disconnection with public touch in proper time gives you a fresh ,airy and more prior to those who goto bead late than get up late with some what tiredness provided speep time not got attained full as per body requirements.. . Bye .

verses and religion just in islaam the morning prayer happens before sun rises.

your eyes aren't as blood shot
you feel more rested
and just overall its better for your health

i never sleep early and i did last night and feel superrr!

Early sleeping early arise makes us healthy, wealthy and wise.and our face becomes shiny and soft

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