Overdose ??? What will happen ?!

Question: Overdose ??? What will happen ?
so my friend told me she was gona take an overdose today an she pulled out 4 or 5 ibupofen what will this do to her by the way my friend is about 5 6 and weighs approx 12 stone ???


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when did she do it.not pills to be messed about with.i would say she be ok but incase she lied and took more then get medical attention rather than messing about on computer.lots of these things do not take effect for 24hrs in overdose proportions,but in meantime she get heartburn may even puke blood if that happens get her to hospital...to be honest she needs medical attention for her depression

she prollly just messin with you cuz shes depressed...ibueprophen wuld be rele stupid to take to kill yourself. just sayin u gotta take somthin stronger. she'll be fine but id still let some1 know cuz any1 who threatens to kill themselves needs help. goodluck(:


Well if she told you she was going to take an overdose, it means she was going to kill herself...So she's probably gonna die. I'd get help!

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