Sore throat help!? I don't have much in my house to help?!

Question: Sore throat help!? I don't have much in my house to help?
I have a really sore throat I was sick last night so it might of been that. Anyway I'm sucking on lollipops drinking milk and having yogurts I dont have any honey and lemon at home and it's too late to pop out and get some I don't have any strepsils either please help x


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Tea (no sugar or milk) add honey and lemon it soothes and kills the bacteria


take any analgesic - aspirin or paracetamol and crush between two spoons until powered, put in a little bit of water and gargle with it. If you've got soluble tabs then you don't have to bother crushing obviously!

The way i see it you have to howshold products. The first is milk, it should clear you throat. The second is bleach, this will solve your problem but it will cost you you life. It's your choice really though.

Try drinking tea in general, that should help. Or try a Popsicle and stay away from warm things, try cold things only, that should take the inflammation down.

milk and yogurt or any type of dairy makes you flemmy (phlemmy? idk).

drink warm lemon water or gargle salt water.
popsicles help too!!

i have a sore throat right now ahah

The lollipops will help cool and sooth your throat after being sick.

I know it sounds gross....but mix a little cayenne pepper with warm water and gargle with it. It will help.

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