What percentage of the time does hypnosis work?!

Question: What percentage of the time does hypnosis work?
I am interested in hypnosis and was wondering if it really works?


Hypnosis does work, but the fact is it does not work most of the time. If it did there would have hypnosis clinics on every street corner. It also depends on what you want to use hypnosis for.

There are also better methods that are less expensive than hypnosis. Below is a press release that came out a few days ago on a method that is faster and easier to use than hypnosis. Hypnotherapist will hate it and feel threatened so don't be surprised if you see thumbs down for the answer:



There is no actual evidence that it does anything beyond placebo. In reality, the hypnotic "trance" that you see is no more than a relaxed state that susceptible people go into- they also tend to be more suggestible at this time..

all the time if you have a persons trust
or at least if they dont distrust


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