question about electric cigarettes?!

Question: Question about electric cigarettes?
I really want to quit smoking and thought trying out those e cigs would be a good start out option. For those of you who have tried them, What brand do you prefer, and do they satisfy a nocitine craving as well as a real cigarette does?


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I spent a ton of money on e cigs and found that the dse901 was the best one because it gives out more vapor and don't fall apart like the cheap knock offs. I was able to quit smoking because it did satisfy my cravings and I smoked one and a half packs a day for 35 years. I was so pleased with them that I started to help others who are wanting to quit smoking and I provide them with the same dse901 that I used to quit smoking.

I hope this helps.


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It's only good for the nicotine craving. I've personally missed other factors more. Well, not exactly the coughing and I didn't really tried to quit, I've only tested these. The worst thing about it is: When you'll go back to cigarettes, you'll be smoking a whole lot more because it's the sheer concentration of nicotine in these and you'll get addicted to an electrical cigarette. So as far quitting goes... that's not a way. Try acupuncture or hypnosis.

Look online, you can find deals such as free shipping and warranties at lower costs.I have purchased nearly all the starter kit components appealing smokes offers and have been generally pleased. They also offer a 30 day don't like it, you get money back. Don't spend your money @ 7-11 in my opinion buy online have it delivered and just re-order cartridges in advance. There are several brands that compete for the highest level of branding with the e-cig, yet, my top bet would be:

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Green Smoke. I quit with it.

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