How long till im "clean" for a thc test?!

Question: How long till im "clean" for a thc test?
Im about to join the armed forces and need to take a drug test as part of the process. I used to smoke in spurts of several days at a time a couple times a day. I have not smoked in about a week and a half and need to know how much longer i need to wait. I drink atleast 24oz water a day, and exercise daily. I have a high metabolism also. Any thoughts?


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Drink tea. Take niacin pills and drink a **** ton of water and Apple juice! That's how I passed!

honestly bro i think you should be good to go
when i was hired at home depot i had smoked like a week and a half prior to
taken a piss test and passed with Flying colors
im not even in the greatest shape and my metabolism isn't fast
i just drank allot of water for the week before the test and worked out ALOT!!
other than that you seem to meet all the criteria that worked for me

good luck
thanks for fighting for our country once you get there

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