how to treat HEMORRHOID (Almoranas)?!

Question: How to treat HEMORRHOID (Almoranas)?

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Have it checked by the doctor first as he/she's the best person to confirm whether or not you have hemorrhoids and so that he could give you the right prescription.

There are two types of hemorrhoids - internal and external.
Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anus. The swollen blood vessels remain inside your anus and do not usually cause pain. The size of internal hemorrhoids are classified using a grading system from 1 to 4.
Grade 1- hemorrhoids are often small swellings inside the lining of your anus. They cannot be seen and are very common. In some cases they will enlarge to grade 2 hemorrhoids.
Grade 2- hemorrhoids are larger in size but are still within your anus. In some instances they become pushed out when you pass a stool, but will return inside immediately after.
Grade 3- hemorrhoids appear outside your anus. These are also referred to as prolapsed hemorrhoids. Grade 3 hemorrhoids protrude outside your anus and often decrease in size naturally. In most cases these hemorrhoids can be pushed back inside the anus with your fingers.
Grade 4- hemorrhoids remain outside your anus permanently. They cannot be pushed back inside and will need to be treated by your doctor.

External hemorrhoids occur outside your anus. They are also known as perianal hematoma.

You may feel a small lump outside your anus that becomes increasingly itchy. This type of haemorrhoid is less common and will require immediate treatment.

It is possible to have both internal and external hemorrhoids at the same time, but this is rare.

In most cases the symptoms go away in a few days if you adjust your diet properly.

They can probably last for a lifetime if you do nothing about it.

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Hemorrhoids Treatment
It is important to understand that though most hemorrhoids can be easily treated by implementing simple changes to daily diet but most do not require surgery or other treatment process. So it is always sensible to follow the appropriate treatment procedure depending upon the type and stage of development of hemorrhoids. Proper prescribed drugs like VENAPRO, ZENMED Ziro Cream and AVATROL can help in curing this disease very soon. With its capacity to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids, these drugs are readily available off the shelf and also online. Emphasizing upon the key advantages of these drugs are they have no side effects and their healing effect is long-lasting and effective.

Apart from this, some of the major types of hemorrhoids treatment include:

* Coagulation therapy
* Injection therapy
* Rubber Band Ligation
* Hemroidectomy

Make sure to spot hemorrhoids symptoms in early stage so that suitable treatment procedure can be administered immediately.


You should get ointments from your doctor or pharmacy. In the meantime make sure you eat foods containing fiber and take stool softeners so you don't strain yourself during bowel movements.

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Drink lots of water, eat lots of fiber-rich food, exercise a lot, at huwag kang iiri sa inidoro.

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