how do i know if my weed was laced?!

Question: How do i know if my weed was laced?
i smoked like at 2pm and it lasted untill like 6 and then i was at a chilled *** stage of mind
and now i cant sleep cause idk wat i smokedi feel so good though but im having insomnia tell
me if i should go to sleep or not -.-


It doesn't sound like it was laced... But, usually weed makes you want to sleep.
If you hallucinated it was laced.
If you at this moment feel hyper and crazy it may have been laced.
If you had a really good time, you were happy, and tripped balls and such, it may have been a strain of sativa, and sativa is known to make you more active than an indica strain.
You should be fine though, we all get laced weed at least once, and there is nothing we can do about it. It just happens unfortunately..
Happeh Smoken da Holy Herb


Why would it matter if you sleep or not?

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