Where can I buy "Canned Oxygen" in Canada?!

Question: Where can I buy "Canned Oxygen" in Canada?
I want to buy "Canned Oxygen" but can't find it anywhere in Canada! I was going to order from the U.S. but the cost for the Oxygen was $15.00 while the shipping (+ taxes & duty) was $96.00!
I would actually buy from anywhere, so long as the "shipping" cost isn't crazy high!
Can anyone help?


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do you mean "canned" or do you mean high pressure bottles?

If the latter look in Yellow Pages and call up a few distributors. If it's for medical use ask when you next see your doctor. You can bet that they will ask what you want it for even though it's not a controlled substance. Try a welding supplies store, they will probably have smaller bottles for transportable gas welding and cutting.

For goodness sake do a safety course before you even think of taking delivery, it's dangerous stuff, much more so than compressed air. You'll also need a set of valves and regulators.

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