Where can I find low cost diagnostic device?!

Question: Where can I find low cost diagnostic device?
I am a student and want to practice acupuncture diagnostics
Can somebody advise non-expensive equipment?

I want to purchase the machine for pulse diagnostics.
Does somebody of you have such and can chare their oppinion?


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Acupuncture diagnostics isn't real diagnostics.

For instance take the acupuncture diagnosis of "mucus in the brain". Some acupuncturists actually tell people that they have that based on pulse/tongue analysis. The old Chinese fellows did not have the understanding of anatomy and physiology that we do today. We know, that in order for mucus to be present there has to be cells that are capable of producing it. None of the cell types of the brain have that capability. The only way for mucus to be present in the brain is if you have a brain metastasis from a mucus producing cancer.

But if you insist on having something cheap for pulse diagnostics, you could just use your fingers. They are right there at the end of your arm, and they shall cost you nothing.

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