Should I start taking Adderall??!

Question: Should I start taking Adderall??
I'm 19. I have severe A.D.D. I graduated highschool last year. I finished with a 3.75 g.p.a. But I still had a.d.d. Now it's gotten worse. I've seen a chiropractor to work on my spine. I've gone on a gluten-free, casein-free diet. I've tried taking prozac. I've gotten glasses. I've seen a neurologist. He told me both my right & left sides of my brain aren't leveled out. So there's a lot of brain exercises I need to do. But my family doctor gave me a prescription for adderall. 20 mg. Is it safe to take? Will it help me until I figure out how to heal my brain? I want to take my ACT Test again before I go to college. Is this medicine good for a.d.d.? I'm still taking prozac. 40mg. I don't do any other drugs. I don't drink. I eat healthy & exercise.


yes. Adderall helped me in my life so much and when I took it all my artistic abilities just came out and I could focus for once.
Why the back problems, does ADD cause that bc I also have a similar issue....

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