Sore throat weed related?!

Question: Sore throat weed related?
So the other day I was smoking weed and I took a huge hit. Then later that night my throat started hurting I have like a baddddd fever and the chills but I thought I just burnt my throat. I looked with a flash light and it looks real bad like maybe I actully have strep some people are saying it could be mono. I'm scared to go to the doctor because afraid they'll tell me or my mom it's from smokeing what do you think? What should I do?


Smoking weed could give you a sore throat, but it wouldn't give you chills and fever. Something else is wrong. You need to see a doctor for it. Strep throat in particular would need to be treated right away.

You're obviously a teenager. That's old enough to have the doctor respect your privacy. Even if your mom drives you to the doctor, you can go into the examining room by yourself, and they shouldn't share any information with your mom that she doesn't need to know. Smoking pot would probably qualify for doctor/patient confidentiality. And it's a doctors duty not to be judgmental of a patient doing drugs.

But if you are old enough to make decisions about using mind altering substances, you should be looking at your decision in a mature way. If your first instinct is to avoid seeing a doctor when you could be seriously ill just because the doctor or your mom might find out you've been smoking pot, that's immature. Maturity would be a willingness to let the doctor know you've been smoking pot if the question comes up (they can't tell just by looking at your throat!), and willingness to deal with it if your mom finds out. The consequences of your mom knowing you were smoking can't be worse than the consequences of not getting treatment for a serious illness.

drink alot of watyer before you go to the doctor to dooo any kind of tests,they can tell if you smoked weed by your urine,so if you drink alot of water it will trace the weeds effect on the urine

tell your mama, the weed probably damaged your throat you need to tell her or it will swell shut in 3 days.hurry don't waste time tell your mama NOW!!!

Uh, not do drugs anymore?

Agreed with this guy ^^^^^^

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