difference between medicine brands?!

Question: Difference between medicine brands?
so, i see advil at walmart, for say.. 8 bucks for a 50 pack of advil pills.

but then i see right next to it, the walmart brand, same 50 pack, liquid gels too. everything. same active ingredients and all.

but whats the difference? how come walmart or walgreens, everybody, can make them cheaper, but the name brands cant?

just curious.


well, take for example, medication. brand name medications, like Viagra. Brand name medications have a 17 year copyright, meaning, the first 17 years that Viagra is on the market, no generics can be made. After 17 years, generics for Viagra can be marketed. The reason being, obviously people want the cheaper version of it, so the 17 years they have that patent, they get the money that will be equal to the amount of generics selling it for cheaper.

although generics have the same active ingredients, they have fillers to make it cheap. for example, Adderall. the generic for adderall is amphetamine/dextroamphetamine mixes salts. adding those mixed salts as a filler makes the generic to sell for cheaper. hope this helped a little bit!:)

pharmacy tech

There is no difference. It's the EXACT same stuff.

Regarding Adderall?- ALL forms (brand & generic) are comprised of mixed amphetamine salts. There is *no* difference, bioequivalent or otherwise, between the brand and generic versions.

This is due to company overhead, pricing system and brand name.
Other than medicine, all consumers' goods are the same, same product at different price.

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