What is the greatest medicine for a stuffy nose other than pills?!

Question: What is the greatest medicine for a stuffy nose other than pills?
I have a stuffy nose and i dont know what to do! please help


Snort salt water. Clears the sinus right out.

You can either use a saline solution nasal spray or you could get a neti pot and flush your nose out with that. Both work surprisingly well as the salt thins the mucus out and soothes the swollen membranes. The salt is also antibacterial.

I eat spicy food for congestion. It works great. But if it's just a runny nose, spicy food does not help. Spicy food includes: pepper-based, curry, horseradish, etc. Raw onions (like in a salad) don't seem to do much.

There is a good way to reduce the inflammation and stuffiness. Gently massage the sinus cavities, in soft circular motions. Hopefully, that will reduce the agony.

Idk ive heard people say smelling tht cream called vicks helped, hope your stuffy nose gets better and try to stay away from the dust.

Nasal Decongenstion spray.. Otrivin is one but dosage may vary depending if you are chronic or just common cold.

I remember a friend telling me that an apple and jog a day keeps the stuffies away :)

colloidal silver. Clears your nose right up. Don't use for more then 4 days in a row, or you will dry out your sinuses.

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