I have Leaky Gut Syndrome?!

Question: I have Leaky Gut Syndrome?
I'm 19. I have a "Leaky Gut". I know all about the diet. Fresh, lean meats. vegetables & fruits. distilled or purified water. No processed foods. No gluten, soy, or dairy. But what about the supplements you're supposed to take? Can the diet itself heal my Leaky Gut, or do I have to buy supplements as well? How long does it take to heal the intestinal permeability? The only bad symptoms I have is a.d.d. I don't have any of the other symptoms. I know for sure I have Leaky Gut, but noone believes me or knows what it is. Can you take antidepressants with a Leaky Gut? I'm on Prozac & Concerta. I guess Concerta is a stimulant.


Hi Cody. Ignore comments from the quack medicine "trolls" like Rhianna. She is a poorly educated nurse, and as you can see from her answer, she never offers SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support her scientifically indefensible b.s.

Below are links to a variety of scientific papers published in Leading Medical Journals that discuss intestinal permeability and bacterial translocation issues often loosely referred to as "leaky gut". It is a very real condition, with very real consequences for health, and it is a condition too many allopathic health care providers (people Rhianna calls "real doctors") don't know about - apparently because they don't read the scientific research (yet they love to claim they practice "evidenced based medicine" -ouch!).










Just for fun, Rhianna, why don't you enlighten our audience on the difference between "tight junctions" and "gap junctions"? I'm sure your extensive education and professional training makes you highly knowledgeable about these key components of human gut physiology.

Best wishes and good luck.

I sincerely doubt you have an actual "leaky gut."

Some bacterial and viral toxins can damage the junctions between epithelial cells. This does two things, it allows some bacteria to enter the blood stream which can lead to sepsis. It also causes fluids to leak into the lumen of the intestines and causes diarrhea.

Like many actual conditions, quacks co-opt it and use it to sell their scam treatments. Go to an actual doctor and don't listen to cranks.

No, you don't.

This is a fictitious disease invented by the quacks based on vague ridiculous symptoms. In very cases, the gut can leak, in the literal sense and rupture leading to peritonitis. This would require urgent surgical intervention.

If you have any medical concerns, see a real Doctor.

I think the clue is here "I know for sure I have Leaky Gut, but noone believes me or knows what it is" right, psychiatric counselling might be the best way forward. Go and see your GP if you're ill at least get a real medical diagnosis

I'm sorry you've only been answered by skeptics, but you really should be asking these questions to a qualified Naturopath as they would help to properly diagnose you and help with your body as a whole, not just treat certain symptoms. Usually, supplements that fall within those guidelines (having no gluten, soy, dairy, etc) are perfectly fine to take in those diets, but a qualified professional can look at each of the ones you're taking to verify that they don't have those constituents.

With that being said, how do you know you have Leaky Gut? When you say "The only bad symptoms I have is a.d.d. I don't have any of the other symptoms", I'm not sure if you mean that's the only symptom of Leaky Gut you have (which makes me wonder if you have it or not), but a good Naturopath could more adequately verify if you have Leaky Gut or something similar to it with that ADD symptom.

As a side note, the Naturopath could also advise you on the drugs you're taking and say if they're good/bad for your condition and they may be able to find better alternatives (especially with all the side effects of Prozac and that studies have shown it to be no more effective than a placebo). Good luck and I hope I helped!

Health/nutrition classes, personal experience, and personal research in my role as a Product Specialist for a vitamin company (we get similar questions fairly often)

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