how do i treat caffeine headaches?!

Question: How do i treat caffeine headaches?
so i drink coffee almost everyday but the problem is that i have a gastritis problem were i get very bad pains on my stomach but i want to stop drinking coffee since coffee is one of the main causes of i drink 1 cup a day in the morning but i started drinking another cup round 3pm or 4pm and im trying to stop to drink that cup of coffee in the afternoon because i dont wanna have more pains in the mouth of my stomach. now my question is how do i stop this caffeine headaches because they are killin me and i dont wanna have them again at least not in the afternoon..lolz D;


I had to cut back on my coffee intake too and the trick is to do it gradually.
You can accomplish that in a number of ways.
Either start using half caff coffee for that after noon cup or gradually fill the cup less full, any thing you can do to cut back slowly.
I was drinking about 6-8 cups a day so when I decided to sslow down on my coffee intake, the first thing I did is make the last cup I drank only half full. did that for 2 days. the 3rd day I skipped the last cup of coffee completely. However, I love a hot drink so i switched it for herbal tea. No caffiene and I still got my hot beverage.
2 days of no last cup of coffee and I then eliminated another and dropped down to only 4 cups of coffee a day. Did not have 1 headache during this time.
I did that for 2 days and dropped another cup of coffee.
I just kept that up until I was down to 1 a day, my morning one. I won't give that one up.
I too have gastritis and eating yogurt often seems to help me. Plain or vanilla yogurt is best, any good quality yogurt with active culture.
If you decide to try using herbal tea, make itn chamomile which is a digestive aid and also helps sooth a painful stomach.

If you have been drinking a lot, it may take your body a while to adjust to a lower level of it. Just take Tylenol or something.

2 paracetamol should fix it

more caffeine <3

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