How to become an alternative healer?!

Question: How to become an alternative healer?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to become an alternative healer? I am interested in alternative medicines, nutrition, past life regression and hypnotherapy, reiki, psychic work, dreamwork... that sort of thing. I have looked into some nutrition programs, but I don't have a lot of money to invest in schooling right now, plus nutrition work alone does not explore all the elements of alternative healing that I am interested in. Does anyone have any tips or know of any good 2 year programs or other courses I could do? Some sort of certification program? I don't even know where to begin. If you know how to start working in any of the above mentioned areas (and actually get paid), any tip would be great! Serious answers only please!


Hi Clytie, have you read the excellent autobiography of one of the UK's top Spiritual Healers, Raymond Brown, 'A Mere Grain Of Sand' ? You can find it on or /.com He channels St.Paul, (Aka: Saul of Tarsus) to perform his miraculous healings ! You can also find him on

Good Luck !

In Love & Truth,

Ross Hall (ICHF Midlands Area Co-ordinator)

Book; 'A Mere Grain Of Sand' by Raymond Brown
The 'International Church & Healing Fellowship'; ICHF <>
The 'Inner-Light Development & Healing Centre', Densole, Kent, UK

You got me... Best of luck!

Have you thought about becoming spiritual healer? Look at the way Peter Popov works and see if you can make millions like he has.

You don't need any certification to scam people - just confidence in what you're selling.

Edit: "Yes there are scammers in alternative medicine, but not any more than there are in the mainstream medical community."

Evidence of this? Who are the scammers in alt-med and "mainstream" medicine?

"I have found the mainstream medical community to be, on the whole, quite narrow sighted and profit driven."

They practice within the scope of science-based medicine. There is nothing wrong with making money. Alternative medical practitioners don't work for free.

"Being interested in the emotional, nutritional or energy-related reasons behind people's medical conditions does not make me or anyone else who's interested in alternative medicine a scammer."

It does if those interventions are unproven with no plausibility, or have been proven not to work.

"Selling people prescription drugs when all they need is a nutritional supplement DOES make many doctors scam artists."

That's a vague statement. Give an example? Keep in mind, nutritional supplements aren't allowed to make any specific health claims.

"As for past life regression, psychic and dreamwork as elements important to many religions, they deserve more respect than you've just shown them."

No, they don't.

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