what effect does snorting pills have as oposed to taking them orally?!

Question: What effect does snorting pills have as oposed to taking them orally?
i have some friends who snort their meds and i just dont get it.. does it do something different than if you just take them or is it for just like.. feeling like your snorting something..?
lol sorry if this sounds naive..


It does hit you faster because inhaling them makes them quickly accessible vasculary. This means that they "work" faster. The downside is that they also can wear off quicker because the body can metabolize them faster.

For instance, I am an EMT, and when we have a patient who is in Cardiac Arrest and we have not or can't establish venous access, but we have an ET Tube placed down the throat, we can shoot an amp of epinephrine down it. This basically makes the epi into an aerosol and allows the vessels in the alveoli to absorb it, which distributes the medicine much faster than other routes.

The other downfall is the risk it imposes to your health. By snorting pills you are ingesting something in a means that it is not meant to. The drug companies invest millions of dollars studying the best ways and all the side effects to take a medicine. One of the biggest complications with snorting medicines that are not meant to snort is harming your airway and the cilia located in your airway. The cilia are very important and any disruption to them can lead to life of loaded lungs, fluid and mucus that cannot be coughed up easily. Just remember, and advise your friends, if something is made a certain way and instructed to be taken a certain way, it is because it is the safest way to take it, otherwise I might be visiting them one day and shooting epi down a tube in their mouth to try and restart their heart...sorry if that is crude, but usually being crude can be effective...


complete waste of the drug, of course it hits you faster but the length of time that the medication is in your body can't even compare with how long it stays in you when taken orally. it's stupid to snort anything. specially when people are snorting percocet and vicodin, not realizing that snorting Tylenol is horrible for you.

It hits you harder and faster because there is no timed or slow release, you get the whole thing fast and hard, so you get a good high off it

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