I got high the other night, and well, the strangest thing happened to me? I can&!

Question: I got high the other night, and well, the strangest thing happened to me? I can't figure out what it was?
Alright, first of all, please don't come here and say things like, "Weed is bad!" "Don't smoke weed!" blah blah blah. This is a serious question. I'm not looking to be judged.

Anyway, so me and a good friend of mine were smoking in a spot where we usually spot, erm, at the mall, in a stairwell. Yeah, not the smartest of places to smoke, but whatever. I took a few big hits and she was taking her hit when we started to hear footsteps and a woman's voice. We started freaking out because we thought somebody was coming. We tried to calm down and continue with smoking, but we kept hearing the footsteps and so we bolted to the door, but we couldn't get it open. We thought it was locked. So we ran up all the stairs, which led to a dead end door. We bugged out, went back down to where we started, and were able to open the door, finally, after what felt like to me, being in the stairwell for hours. At that point, I was really high, which was very weird because usually after only a few hits I don't get high. Anyway, we went outside to the parking garage and I felt really weird, like I had to ask my friend where we were and stuff.

We sat down and I began to not feel right. My head hurt and it felt like it was on fire or something. My whole body felt hot. I could barely move or talk, and when I did speak, I thought I was speaking in a different voice. I felt sick. I felt like everything was moving in slow motion. I felt like I was in two different bodies. I felt like nothing I was experiencing was real, I felt like I was in a dream, but I was well aware of everything that was going on. I ended up blanking out at one point and I think I fell asleep at one point, but I don't know for how long. When I 'awoke', I was incredibly scared and terrified and wanted to scream but nothing came out. I asked my friend numerous times where I was, what happened, what day/time it was. I had no memory of what had happened, but it all came back to me in bits and pieces. I ended up getting sick a little while later.

I've been smoking weed for about a year or so and I've never had an experience like this before.

Has anybody experienced something like this, or know what I experienced? It's bothering me so much.


It's called a bad trip. Anyone that's been smoking for an amount of time has experienced one. Ive built up a ridiculous tolerance, and it takes me a lot to get high usually, but every once in a while, you're just in a mindset that does no good for you, and you get paranoid and nauseous. One time, this happened to me after half a joint. I was at a friends house and my fiance and I had to leave, and i was supposed to drive, but on the way to the car, i began to feel just as you'd explained and collapsed on the grass in front of my friends house. I was carried inside and felt better after some munchies, a drink, and about two hours time.

It happened to me once I think it's normal...

Wow that musta been some good pot. Maybe do ya think it could have been laced with something else pcp etc... Did it taste minty flavor.

Sounds like you were smoking a strain that has the same kind of effects as JWH-018 and the other Analogs. When you were high, did you keep getting these random sensations that you were floating/falling? If so, I know exactly what you're talking about. My theory is that it is your physical body and spiritual body preparing for an out of body experience

When I was an adolescent, I had a phase where I was so intrigued with the phenomenon, that I would try it every night before I was asleep. On a select few of the times I actually got really close to achieving it(or so I felt) but would always pussy out because that falling/floating feeling just felt so unnatural and scary.

You, my friend, had a panic attack. Symptoms can vary greatly, but all of them with the exception of heart palpitations were included in your description of the incident. Something very similar happened to me a while back, (and I've been toking for over a decade now) and I had my roommate take me to the ER I was so freaked out. Smoking weed can bring on panic attacks even in those with no history of anxiety, especially when smoking strains heavy on the Indica. Attacks can become recurring after the first one, simply due to the fact that you're worried about them happening again, so you may have that to look forward to. Don't let it worry you though. Weed (unlaced at least) has an impossibly high LD50 (the lethal dose for 50% of users tested), and has few physical side effects, most of which only appear after years of use, and even then, in only some people. My advice to you would be to slow it down for a minute, or at the very least try and find a connection that can provide you a slightly more sativa-y strain. Good luck, and remember, DON'T PANIC. Although that's exactly what you're doing. ; )

Extensive personal experience, one specific incident in particular.

It sounds like you may have had a panic attack due to the anxiety of being caught smoking or not knowing whats going on around you. It would be better to smoke somewhere safer where you feel more comfortable just for future reference. It also sounds like you had an out-of-body experience when you said you "felt like you were in 2 different bodies". This is normal if you have used a psychedelic. Did it feel like you were above looking down at yourself?

I think it was just a bad trip...i had a similar situation-in which i don't remember walking to the corner of a friends living room, and i was just laughing crouched down. I was embarrassed i couldn't do a d %^# thing about it. I hope my answer helped.

My own experience...

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