is this medicine enough?!

Question: Is this medicine enough?
so, about 3 months ago, i had a really nasty wet cough, so i just took some cough medicine, like robitussin, and it went away, but recently, about 3 days ago, it came back, its only a little wet one... and yeah. just a minor wet cough basically. and now im taking tusscin DM, 2 tsp every 2 or 4 hours i think it says, is that enough? and it kinda hurts everytime i take a deep breath sometimes.... should that clear it up? or should i go see a doctor? or is it really needed?



See a doctor immediately. Any reoccurring cough accompanied by a feeling of moisture, or pain during inhalation should send you heading for a health professional as fast as your legs can carry you.

Personal battles with reoccurring respiratory illness.

yes see a doctor, these things can take a nasty turn really fast.

experience with respitory issues

you should go see a doctor,let doctor tell you what should you take.
Hope you better soon.

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