Home Remedies for Lice.. eww?!

Question: Home Remedies for Lice.. eww?
Okay, my little girls (8, 4, and 3 years old) have been having lice for a month now. Seems like every time I do their hair, I find little lice or nets or both. I have tried everything sensible. Here's the thing, they are biracial kids. Black and White. So I can be minimum to what I use because of their hair texture. I have tried the Rid Kit, that didn't work, and its so expensive. I have used Miracle whip, that too didn't work, even after I left it in their hair for 4 hours, and with plastic wrap over their heads. PLUS, my mom gave me this metal comb she got from the doctor to pick through their nappy hair. lol. So I need to know, is there anything I can buy at the stores that is CHEAP and that will work. PLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE! I am almost out of options. Thank you!


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Yes, I'm so glad I get to answer this!

I was a Sophomore in High School last year, and to be honest, was too self-conscious of myself to let my parents know I had lice (in hindsight... it wasn't the best choice, but I got rid of them!)

Just keep in mind, my method absolutely fries the quality of your hair.

1. Lather up about a half-cup to a cup of shaving cream. (I used Old Spice)
2. Rub it thoroughly through the hair for about 10 minutes, and let it sit for 20 minutes or so.
3. Take a hot shower, combing (doesn't have to be fine-toothed) for about 5 minutes. Use lots of conditioner to protect your hair.
4. Lather up the same amount of shaving cream and put it on your head.
5. As stupid as this sounds, I tied a garbage bag around my head that created a vacuum around my head, so the fumes from the shaving cream couldn't escape - it kills the nits and the live lice over night.
6. Sleep
7. Wake up and repeat step #3.
8. Repeat steps #4- #7 as much as you need. For me, it only took two nights, and I haven't had them since (1 year+)

Best of luck to you! PLEASE give this a try - it saved me SOOOOO much time and effort! :)

Lots of yukky, messy and basically useless suggestions here.

Go to a pharmacy, tell them the problem and buy what they recommend. If you fail to treat ALL the kids effectively, then they'll just reinfect each other and reinfect all the other kids at school.

Tea Tree oil or Melaleuca same thing kills off lice quite well you can also use it in your washer a couple drops. also put in a spray bottle of water a few drops and spray everything down daily or a couple times a day it is safe and it works really well I have used it myself. and I know a lot of others that use it also. put it in some olive oil and rub into your hair and in your shampoo. you can also buy tea tree oil shampoo from sally's beauty or paul mitchell has one. or you can go directly through the melaleuca company http://www.melaleuca.com/ProductStore/Pr… they have cleaners and everything.
the best oils to buy are young living or doterra I like young living the best but that is me my neighbor uses doterra and loves it. you want real tea tree that is not diluted down so find a local dealer or a health food store that has high grade oils. the now brad and cheap ones like that are not going to work.

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