What are the benefits of meditation?!

Question: What are the benefits of meditation?
If im stress free can meditation still help? Can it help me concentrate in school?


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Meditation has two purposes: the first is to develop mental concentration. The second is to gain ‘Insight’ into the nature of things through “mindfulness, awareness, vigilance and observation.”

Basic Mindfulness Meditation: 'Find a quiet and comfortable place. Sit in a chair or on a cushion on the floor with your head, neck and back straight but not stiff. Put aside all thoughts of the past and the future and stay in the present moment. Become aware of your breathing, focusing on the sensation of air moving in and out of your body as you breathe. Feel your belly rise and fall, the air enter your nostrils and leave your mouth. Pay attention to the way each breath changes and is different. ‘Observation-without attachment-is an important key to mindfulness meditation’. In mindfulness meditation one is 'an observer' of thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind during meditation. These thoughts are not to be analyzed nor harshly judged-but are to be recognized as they simply are: thoughts and feelings. They are not to be clinged (attached) to, for clinging (attachment) causes suffering. We use the breath as an anchor. What does this mean? When a thought/feeling arises in the mind, we observe it-making a mental note of it, then gently return to the breath. If you’re observing your thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in them, then your on the right track. Remember not to be hard on yourself when thoughts pop-up and when your thoughts wander; be patient and gentle with the mind, and simply return to the breath.

*Learned Mindfulness Meditation from these two books: *'"Mindfulness in Plain English" - By: Henepola Gunaratana. It's a how to manuel on the practice of Mindfulness Meditation -covering how to meditate, what to do with your body, what to do with your mind, dealing with distractions during meditation, what the difference is between Sati (mindfulness) and concentration, and Mindfulness in Everyday Life. *"Beginning Mindfulness: Learning The Way of Awareness" By: Andrew Weiss - teaches Mindfulness of Breathing, Walking Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, and Mindfulness in Everyday Life.

Best Wishes to you in your meditation practice.

Depends on what you mean by sress free (and what you mean with stress).
I have seen definitions of stress that include a lot of emotions.

If you are really completely stress free,
then meditation will probably not add very much.

To be completely stress free,
means it is possible for you not to react when someone
wants to kill you and there is no way for you to escape.

If you have problems concentrating,
it means you are somewhere not able to stay in your center.
In that case meditation can help,
but not for all people.
(and it also depends on the type of meditation).

Also some people do well on school for a wrong reason.
As they start meditating,
there can be conflict between what they want and what they wanted before (what was more what others lied to him).
In that case it could not be beneficial (depends again on what you mean by beneficial)

You see,
it's not an easy question and answer.
Because many illusions are created,
and because not many people UNDERSTAND the mind/body.
In case somebody REALLY understands,
he can advise you what is best for you,
and you will immediately feel the benefit.
(which will be huge).

But still,
it can be a life long process to integrate the benefits,...

There are many benefits to meditation beyond stress relief. Think about it, people who meditate regularly are not stressed, but they continue practicing meditation.


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