Electric perfume diffusers, perfumed candles, and oil burners,are there UNHEALTH!

Question: Electric perfume diffusers, perfumed candles, and oil burners,are there UNHEALTHY effects?
Cos they pump god knows what into the air we breathe ?


Yes there are
I live in the UK and my daughter has some health problems
and the doctor asked quite early on whether we used air 'freshners' in the home (we don't)

In particular, the European study detected cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde in some air fresheners. Benzene is known to cause leukemia in humans, and formaldehyde has been linked to cancers of the upper airways.http://www.articlesbase.com/diy-articles…

Pure essential oils used in moderation are a different matter - although potentially harmful if ingested or applied to the skin, - as a diffuse vapour they are *probably* totally safe

They can certainly cause allergic reactions.
Beeswax candles don't seem to cause any problems. Others have been found to contain lead.

Yes there are..

Whilst some may smell nice and make your house seem more homely - they have long been associated with causing nausea and headaches.

Something the manufacturers do not tell you

yes, I wheeze around air fresheners. Essential oils are fine if they are pure (and therefore pricier) but you still have to be careful yr not allergic

ANYTHING that burns indoors will produce particulate matter which can cause breathing problems, increase the risk of heart attacks etc.

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