Can I pass my drug test in 3 days after smoking weed?!

Question: Can I pass my drug test in 3 days after smoking weed?
I had an interview for a job and I just need to get a drug test now, I smoked weed on Friday and I have a drug test on Tuesday, so its like 3 days after I smoked. I've been drinking lots of water for about a day and a half now and my pee is clear. Will I pass? Or should I use a friends urine?


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use ur friends

you can put your friends pee in a thermos (what people use to keep coffee warm). it'll be warm.

i guess you can try that. because you will for sure fail if you take the test tomorrow.

but if you go to walmart, you can buy some drug kits and see how you'd do. if you pass now, chances are you'll pass tomorrow.

I doubt it. THC the active component in weed is fat soluble. This means it builds up in fatty tissues in your body and is slowly re-released in detectable amounts back into the bloodstream, then the urine, for weeks.

it depends on how much you smoked, and just after 3 days, no i don't think so. Maybe like 2 to 3 weeks, it worked for me after 2 1/2 weeks.

lol you can used heated apple juice.

Alright, trying taking two pills of 500 milagram niacin, do lots of working out to make yourself sweat it out.

NO water dosnt do sh!t people dont know what hteyre talking about its all about matobalism it may stay up to 2 weeks in your system

THC the active ingredient in marijuana is fat soluble, which means that it gets in your fat cell a minute after you take even one hit and it can stays in your body from 5 to 90 days. The detection period depends on multiple factors - your body type, metabolism, drug habits etc. It is very hard for the THC to get out of your system. One of the best way is time, but you don't have any so my advice is to try something else. Drinking water or cranberry juice probably will help you but you have to do this at least 2 weeks in order to clean your body in a natural way. Using your clear friend urine can work but it is really risky. If you decide to use this method with others urine, have in mind some things. First your urine have to be between 91-99 degrees, if it is colder they will flag your sample and it mean fail. Put the urine in a non lubricant condom and put in your pants near your body in order to keep it worm. It has to be fresh – not more than 3 hours. When you get there be careful because more of the lab stuff will want you to leave the door. They will not gonna watch you, but they will stay in front of the door and they will listen what are you doing. After you pure the urine from the condom does not throw or flush the condom. Hide it somewhere in you again and take it out, because they are checking everything after you left. If I have to be honest it is really tough to cheat with someone else urine. Today’s lab are not so stupid any more. They know all the trick for cheating and they are prepared for them. And the other thing is that they are checking your sample for many things like gravity, dilution, color, pH, temperature etc. Once I tried to put other urine but they caught me and I lost very good job opportunity. After that I decide not to take such risks again. I found one site They help me pass my hair and urine test 8 months ago. If you need to pass this test I can truly recommended you them. They have a free consultation line which you can use to ask all your questions. They will give you one very simple formula which you can buy from the store for less than 15$ and that’s it. I think that the risk with others urine is not worth it. Good luck anyway

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