How much prune juice should I drink?!

Question: How much prune juice should I drink?
I've been feeling pretty constipated for about a day now. I have a cold and I've been taking cold medicine to help with the congestion. This is an isolated incident, I do have regular bowel movements just this past day I've just felt really gassy, bloated, and feel like I need to go but can't. So pretty much I just want to know how much prune juice do I need to drink to go in about 2 hours?


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try drinking 1/2 cup at first and see if that does the trick. if you're still constipated, then you could have some more..... if you don't have enough probiotics (the good bacteria) in you, you're more likely to be constipated. medication usually washes out these good bacterias! Most yogurts have probiotics in them, or else you could take a probiotic supplement.
other things that help constipation: strong cup of coffee, laxatives (but don't make it a habit!!), psyllium husk seeds (health food stores sell them, like Whole Foods), drinking plenty of water throughout the day, 100% aloe vera juice, yogurt and probiotic supplements.

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