Cold Turkey or CHAMPIX?!

Question: Cold Turkey or CHAMPIX?
I am trying to quit smoking. Have you been successful using this medicine?


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Quitting is difficult FULL STOP! I quit cold turkey and have quit for 4 years. Prior to quitting it took years to stop, I would keep quitting - trying everything else! In the end it was cold turkey, go figure! Guess its more about your mindset.


After starting smoking at the age of 15 I've tried a couple of times to stop but I've never been successful. 8 years later and I'd given up hope. That was until I came to the easy quit smoking blog and found the Quit Smoking Today system. I followed your system and have totally quit now for a month which is the longest in 8 years I've been smoke free. If I can do this then anyone can.

I tried both, and I quit using both, only I didn't stay quit for long. I got really sick last summer, so sick I didn't smoke, and was sick long enough that I got through the withdrawal ok. I mean I felt awful anyways, right? You just have to keep quitting until you stay quit.
Good Luck.
Have a nice day.

Cold Turkey is Extremely difficult.

I used the patches. Worked great for me. I haven't smoked in almost 20 years now.

Do you need Chantix? My son used it and it worked for him.

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