Is it possible to do DIY acupuncture on your own face?!

Question: Is it possible to do DIY acupuncture on your own face?
I see the disposable needles are available on ebay from China, with guided tubes.

My face feels all tense so I was wondering if it's ok to do
acupuncture with needles on myself since its supposed to be so safe.
If I follow a chart or a you tube video of it being done maybe....

Thanks for any advice.


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You need therapy not acupuncture.

We do not recommend you insert acupuncture needles on your face by yourself!
It is very dangerous if you are not experienced acupuncturist!
But you can get treatment by means of inserting the acupuncture needles on your fingers by your own.
It is safe procedure available for everybody.
You can learn more how to do it at our web site:

Acupuncture is not a DIY thing unless you happen to be certified in TCM/Acupuncture. You can hit a nerve or blood vessel and do serious damage.
You can use Acupressure that doesn't require needles. There are quite a few websites that can show you DIY Acupressure techniques.
Short answer: Not OK.

Indigo - don't be silly. If it were that simple why would people spend years training to be acupuncturists. You can buy scalpels in art shops so would you take that to indicate that its a good idea to do your own surgery?

Forget it - those needles will be low grade steel - not surgical stainless - you will end up infecting yourself.

Use your fingertips and gently tap the area where the PROPER needles would go - painless and FREE

Not advisable, acupuncture takes a lot of training. You could cause severe damage to your face and it functions if you mess with something like this

Not a lot of point as the overwhelming evidence is now that acupuncture has no more effect than random needle sticks and is thus a placebo.

GP for more years than I care to remember

You can buy a mini acupunture pen. Google Amazon. Unless you are trained go for that - it's safer option

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